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business Development

The history of major acquisitions and joint ventures in every sector has more than its fair share of disasters. MLT Directions has considerable experience in ensuring acquisitions and joint ventures achieve their objectives and that the major pitfalls are avoided, with particular focus on:

  • Market sizing and opportunity research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Realistic business valuation and 'knowing what you are paying for'
  • Acquisition/Partner identification and selection
  • Deal structure and commercial negotiation
  • Incentives to previous owners to ensure the future success of acquired business
  • Contract negotiation and warranties
  • Operational and financial due diligence together with advisors
  • Retention of staff and customers
  • Maintenance of good relationships with suppliers
  • Integration and advice on areas not to integrate

MLT Directions can also advise clients on preparing businesses for sale including:

  • Business valuation
  • Engaging potential acquirers
  • Advising on the bidding process
  • Preparing information for acquirers presented in an attractive and convincing wayn
  • Structuring deals and commercial negotiation


Market Power
Performance Management

When entering into a Joint Venture it is essential to agree clear exit routes for both Partners



Poor initial evaluation of prospect business
Lack of due diligence on JV Partner
Insufficient due diligence of management and staff
Unrealistic market forecasts For international deals, lack of understanding of local markets
Inaccurate forecasts of cash flow and peak funding requirements
Paying too much to 'secure the deal'
Lack of comprehensive integration plan