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MLT Directions helps UK and international distribution, logistics and retail businesses, to build market power, to manage and improve performance and to expand operations through business development.


The first priority of any business is to ensure that its brands, products and services have a clear competitive position in the market with good potential to grow over the long term. MLT Directions can help advise on strategy and actions to build brand and market power and share.
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In the current climate of recession it is necessary for businesses to ensure that they are structured and sized correctly, together with a strong focus on revenue maximisation and on cost and working capital efficiency. MLT Directions has considerable experience in this area.
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The history of major acquisitions in every sector has more than its fair share of disasters. MLT Directions has considerable experience in ensuring acquisition achieves their objectives and that the major pitfalls are avoided.
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Many businesses need to overcome their functional silos and the accompanying friction of their sales and after sales systems



Martin normally handles clients personally. However when necessary, MLT Directions can call upon the services of a wide range of associate professionals which provides the flexibility to source the most appropriate skills for the project. This flexible approach keeps overheads low and means that resources are always dedicated to the needs of clients.